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what to expect when property investing

What you can expect

Property investing can be life-changing, and with a proven strategy and market knowledge, you can immediately change your financial outlook. To see the benefits, you don’t need to wait until you’re ready to retire.

  • Get clear on where you’re at financially so you can start moving forward.
  • Create a tailored investment investment plan to achieve your financial goals.
  • Discover exactly what your next steps are.
  • See if working with OpenCorp is a good fit for you.
What our clients say...

How we’ve helped our clients achieve a life of financial freedom


Rentvestors achieved 3 properties in 3 years.

Matt and Christie have always shared a healthy sense of ambition. They bought their first property in 2021 at the peak of the pandemic and saw exceptional growth. This allowed them to secure 2 more properties in the next 2 years.

Matt and Christie's Investment Story


5 Properties in 10 years and designing the life they want on their terms

Boasting an exciting 5 investment properties, all of which are performing above expectations, giving them financial security and flexibility. The substantial performance of each property has allowed them to use the equity from one property to secure their next investment. Their next project is buying their dream ‘forever’ home on the beach. Realising this dream now looks more possible than ever and for Alex and Nadine, the future looks bright.

Alex & Nadine's Investment Story


Invest smarter and with confidence

If you’ve been unsure about how, when or where to start investing, you’re not alone.

When it comes to property, there are lots of factors to consider:

  • Timing
  • Location
  • Property types
  • Financing structures
  • The list goes on. Plus, those factors can and do change — often.

That’s why many Australian property investors (over 70%) get stuck at one property.


The right strategy is essential

So, how do the roughly top 20% of property investors, achieve their success?

They avoid hype and unsolicited advice and apply proven data-driven investing strategies.

That’s the same approach our OpenCorp success was founded upon – and it’s the same methodology we share with our clients, plus thousands more in our OpenCorp community. Start planning for a solid financial future with the right property investment strategy for your financial future.

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In case you missed anything.

There is a chronic housing under-supply at the moment in Australia. The population is growing more rapidly than the number of homes being built all over the country.

The government has admitted to this significant shortage. The government also has a vested interest in maintaining an active housing sector (specifically in construction), given the industry is such a large employer of Australians and has a huge bearing on the overall economy.

What does that mean for you, the potential investor? It will take years (if not decades) for the housing numbers to catch up with demand, meaning rents will continue to rise, and any houses that become available will be snapped up by Australians looking for somewhere to live. We are seeing vacancy rates at record rental lows. Rents are up dramatically.

However, the housing crisis and the construction industry response is not evenly spread. Some cities are seeing a more acute shortage and, over the coming years, certain markets are likely to outperform others. Understanding the housing supply constraints in each market, and the likely future demand drivers, enables us to target the best market and areas for your needs, maximising the probability of you building a property portfolio that delivers exceptional returns for many years.

  • Listening to media hype
  • Buying a property close to home (so they can drive past)
  • Self-managing tenants
  • Buying at auction
  • Buying older properties (without potential to add real value)
  • Buying based on the look or feel of a place
  • Asking a real estate agent for advice
  • Overcapitalising
  • Selling for profit (when they should refinance and save the tax)
  • Paying off debt (when they should create a redraw facility or use an offset account)
  • Selling property to transfer into self-managed super funds (to purchase property)
  • Not including a finance clause in the contract
  • Cancelling a contract under the ‘cooling off’ option rather than the finance clause
  • Failing to get an expert to review the contract
  • Buying in regional or rural areas
  • Not having a strategy for mitigating risk
  • Waiting for the deal of a lifetime
  • Buying for ‘future development upside’ on the open market
  • Chasing the lowest interest rate option
  • Not having the correct ownership or financial structures in place
  • Not allowing for all purchase costs (stamp duty, mortgage registration, lenders mortgage insurance)
  • Taking an approved finance limit as an unconditional commitment from the bank
  • Selling property to finance lifestyle

OpenCorp provides an end-to-end service for property investors and we pride ourselves on the fact that 66% of our business is repeat and referral. Getting started with us is simple and could be the best investment of your own time you could make. In just four simple steps, you could be on your way to owning a high performing investment property that makes money for you while you sleep:

  1. Discovery Call
    • Our property investment experts will meet with you to understand your current situation, personal goals and your financial position. To have the best chance of achieving your goals, you first need to know where you are now and where you want to be in the future.
  1. Personalised Property Investment Roadmap
    • Each investor’s circumstances are different, so it’s important that you have a personalised strategy. We consider the best property type and location to suit your circumstances while mapping our future acquisitions to achieve diversification and consistent growth.
  1. Finance Structuring
    • Establishing the correct finance strategy is a critical step to achieving your goals. These days, achieving financial security is not as easy as going to the bank and asking for money. Your circumstances are unique, and that means you need a finance strategy that allows you to pursue your property investment goals while minimising risk and minimising any impact on your current lifestyle. We provide guidance on managing existing liability, coaching on the right level and structure of debt, savings tips and strategies to get you into your first or next property sooner, as well as taking into account your career, family and goals.
  1. Sourcing the right property for you, in the right market at the right time
    • Our research analysts source and secure properties specifically to meet your needs and align your Property Investment Roadmap and finance strategy. Unlike many others in our industry, we do not sell from price lists. Our suburb and property selection are 100% tailored to each client and their unique needs.
    • Our recommendations are coupled with:
      • Detailed research analysis on the area and the property
      • Cashflow analysis and deposit + costs required
      • Finance options through our broking team
      • Personalised Property Investment Roadmap
      • Management plan of your property portfolio

You will have a team of experts at your disposal who are equally as passionate about your success as you are. We have a shared commitment to help you reach your goals. We will partner with you throughout your journey regularly reviewing your portfolio performance so you can enjoy life while we take care of your investment journey.